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Love The 'Fest. Leave No Mess

Love the fest. Leave no mess. Tetfest.

Tetfest is passionately committed to sustainability and this year, more than ever, we are aiming to run a festival that is as green as the fields where all the fun will be taking place

We have compiled the following check list, which explains how we will be achieving our aims.

Keeping Things Local

Where possible, we work with companies from Tetbury and the surrounding area so that essential items such as portaloos, skips, fencing, food stalls, generators, marquees and even our stage are brought to and from the site with minimal fossil fuel impact on the environment. This significantly reduces transport emissions.


Plenty Of Skips

With more people due to attend this year’s Tetfest there’s going to be a lot more rubbish, so we’ve ordered more skips. These will be dotted around the site with proper signage to make sure they are clearly visible. In addition, we'll be handing out recycled plastic bags to all our visitors so that you can collect up your own waste and put it into the skips before you leave.


Recycling Our Waste

We firmly believe in recycling and all our waste will be recycled off site by Smiths, the local company that provides our skips. This means you don’t have to worry about separating paper from plastic – just chuck it all in and Smiths will sort it.


Sustainable Materials

All our food stalls are asked to avoid plastic and supply recyclable plates and cutlery. We are also investing in recyclable cups for your drinks from the bar. These attractive cups, produced in conjunction with Tetbury Rugby Club, can be used again and again. Don’t forget to take them home as they are great souvenirs of a fantastic day out.


Plant Based and Local Food Options

We have ensured that our food offering includes plenty of choice for people who are vegan, vegetarian, or simply trying to reduce the amount of meat they consume. We also encourage our food stalls to use locally sourced produce.


Solar Powered Arena Lighting

For the first year ever, Tetfest will have solar powered arena lighting so that we can reduce the amount of power we pull from our generators. We are also using low power amps on stage and more LED lights, with the aim of eventually being fully LED.


What You Can Do To Help Us Make Tetfest Green

  1. Walk, don’t drive. There is parking on site, but if you live locally, please consider leaving the car at home.

  2. Buy a recyclable cup and use it for all your drinks.

  3. Pick up your litter, every last bit, and put it in a skip before you leave. This matters, not just for the planet but also for the sheep that normally graze where Tetfest is held. They don’t want to be harmed by any rubbish left behind.